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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias
Hypnotherapy Glasgow

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Hypnotherapy in Glasgow - Fears and Phobias


There are literally hundreds of phobias listed in medical dictionaries, with some proving more common amongst us than others. No matter how commonplace a phobia is though, there’s no doubt that can limit your lifestyle if you are one of the 10 million people in the UK held back by fears and phobias.  People who come along to see me about phobias usually do say that they know it’s irrational, however that doesn’t make that feeling any less real. 


Phobias can also lead to anxiety, stress and frustration and being afraid and limited by certain things. This can then create a whole lot of new negative problems which unfortunately won’t make the fears go away. However there is such a thing as phobia therapy, and in particular many people have found that hypnotherapy for fear or phobias has helped them relax and look to overcome these negative and gripping thought processes.


Phobias themselves are more pronounced than fears, and tend to develop when a person has an exaggerated or unrealistic sense of danger about a situation or object, or perhaps through a bad experience which has caused them to fear certain situations or objects. If a phobia develops and becomes very severe, a person may organise their life around avoiding the one thing which is causing them to suffer from fear or anxious feelings. As well as restricting daily life, phobias can also cause considerable anguish. If you have ever felt like this about a fear or phobia, it might be time to consider hypnotherapy for this.


Hypnotherapy works by using things like the power of suggestion, and relaxation techniques which can help you overcome your phobia simply by altering the way you think about things and helping to desensitise your feelings.  Our bodies are much more receptive to suggestion and subconscious thinking when we are in an altered or hypnotic state, so this could be just the thing you need to tackle your phobias head on.   If there are any deep rooted issues which are holding you back we would also look at hypnoanalysis to discover what could be the originating cause.  We also offer anxiety hypnotherapy sessions if you feel like your fear may stem from this instead.


Why not get in touch with Clarity Hypnosis for more information about phobia therapy through hypnosis and hypnoanalysis, and find out if this could be the right treatment to help you release your fears and make the most out of enjoying life. 


Hypnotherapy - Fears and Phobias- Glasgow
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