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Lose Weight
Help to Lose Weight with Hypnosis Glasgow


Hypnotherapy in Glasgow - Weight Loss


Have you tried just about every diet or weight loss programme in the book? Still looking for results that will last more than a few weeks? Then why not try weight loss hypnosis for an alternative way to shift those pounds.


Hypnotherapy can help you ditch the diet for good as you regain your control through teaching your subconscious new habits and changing your relationship with food. At Clarity Hypnosis, we can help make those longer term changes through reprogramming the subconscious with positive suggestions, so you can hopefully look forward to lasting results compared with diets which are only temporary.


The idea behind weight loss hypnosis is that can alter your thinking towards food in a positive way. Teaching yourself that certain foods are ‘bad’ or ‘forbidden’ and only being allowed a selected ‘treat’ food if you’ve been good is a negative way to look at weight loss, and is often the reason people lapse or regain the weight they lost.  Instead Clarity Hypnosis takes a different approach, offering a positive outlook whilst also looking deeper to see if there’s an issue causing you to have a bad relationship with food. A big part of hypnotherapy is the power of suggestion, which you may have seen on TV by famous hypnotists. We use the power of suggestion in a positive way to change your attitude towards food; however this is just the beginning.


We also focus on habits and looking to change them or replace them with something relaxing. For example some people subconsciously snack when they watch TV or if they are bored.  We aim to change that through special hypnosis relaxation techniques.


Combined with our weight loss hypnotherapy in Glasgow, we also use hypnoanalysis which gives insight to the sorts of things which have been holding you back from your desired outcome.  This could be a past issue which has had an impact on your relationship with food or causing you to be eating for comfort, no matter how big or small.  Hypnoanalysis is designed to help you understand the root cause of this issue, whether weight loss or one of our other specialist treatments, giving you clarity, peace of mind and the ability to move forward.


Hypnotherapy - Weight Loss- Glasgow
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