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Hypnotherapy Testimonials
Hypnotherapy Glasgow Central

Some testimonials from previous clients ...


"I just wanted to say thank you!


I last saw you back in April regarding wasp phobia.  This summer has been the best, by far I have had in a long time! I've had no hairy fits over wasps and have been out loads with the kids. 


Thank you for all your help.  "


Hi Jennifer it's Anne Duffy here. The person you helped with aqua phobia.  I just thought I'd let you know, I have overcome my fear and now learned to swim after one to one swimming lessons with Sandra Don and of course hypnosis from yourself.  


I have just returned from my first beach holiday after learning to swim and successfully swam in the hotel pool and sea. 


Thank you so much for helping me achieve my goal and end my social embarrassment of aqua phobia.   



Jennifer has really made a huge difference to my life in a relatively short period of time.

I cannot speak highly enough of the way she works and the affect that hypnosis has had on me, it has given me positive changes in a number of areas of my life that I didn't think I could change and will last a lifetime.

I recommend anyone who is maybe not sure what to do to just give it a go as you wont regret it.


"I Can Eat Now!!!!!!

I previously had a very weird eating habit which consisted of me only eating certain foods i.e. dry pasta, potatoes, bread, noodles. Mostly looking back all soft food.


I was recommended Jennifer by a client and I attended my 1st session which was a consultation, to start with I wasn't really feeling it as I am not a very relaxed person but Jennifer picked up on this and gave me a relaxation CD to take home to listen to. 3 weeks later I had my 2nd session which was AMAZING! Jennifer put me into deep hypnosis which lead to a huge breakthrough regarding my food phobia. The hypnosis took me back to a childhood chocking incident 20 years ago.  Prior to hypnosis,  I had no recollection of this happening to me. I was able to relive the moment, thus facing my unknown fear. After the major breakthrough I had an immediate appetite for foods I couldn't even touch or look at. I have now found a love for a variety of foods and now have a very balanced diet. My biggest achievement was eating my first Christmas dinner with my family. I am going travelling soon and this will make things substantially easier and enjoyable I look forward to foreign cuisine. Thanks Jennifer"


“I finally decided to address an ongoing issue that was causing problems in my life. Jennifer came highly recommended as an experienced and professional hypnotherapist. Although I felt a little anxious – her warm friendly personality quickly put me at ease. The session was amazing! It unlocked a childhood experience (which I had forgotten all about) which was the cause of my problems today. Working through this with Jennifer gave me clarity, understanding and the tools I needed to deal with this and move on in my life. The difference this has made has been remarkable. I am very grateful to Jennifer for all the help she has given me and would be happy to recommend her to anyone.” 


“Hi Jennifer, I would just like to say thank you for our last session of hypnotherapy. It has helped me a lot and has filled me with confidence where I never had it before. You were very professional and made me feel at ease. I would have no hesitation in coming back to you again and would recommend you for your good work. Thank you very much.” 



"Massive thank you!! I had my first session tonight and if I'm honest, as much as I wanted to work I wasn't sure it would as it's something is never tried before BUT trust me it clearly done what it says on the tin.
Took a different turn from what I expected but also glad it did as it's reopened a door that was never quite closed? 

I will most definitely recommend Jen and look forward to my next session."



“Jennifer has been trained by the Scottish School of Hypnotherapy to the standard required by the National Society of Professional Hypnotherapists, which is about as good as it gets. She has a kind, sympathetic but also very enthusiastic manner that makes her so easy to warm to. I have no hesitation in recommending her.” 
David Stocks, Director at Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy


“I am a teacher and was called to attend an interview where I had to deliver a lesson that would be observed by the head teacher. Not only did I not know the children, but the job was in England where the education system differs from Scotland - a few hurdles to overcome! Jennifer helped me with my nerves and confidence issues and I delivered a fantastic lesson and a confident interview. I had never felt so relaxed and self-assured in an interview situation - I left knowing I had the job! And I did! I was called by the head teacher half an hour after leaving the school and offered the post!” 



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