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1, 2, 3 and you’re Back in the Room

Have any of you been watching the hit TV show Back in the Room lately? It’s hosted by none other than Phillip Schofield and has definitely roused some interesting discussions when it comes to hypnotherapy in general – from clients and other hypnotherapists in Glasgow.

As it’s “I’m in Control” Day on the 30th March, and there is a bit of a buzz about this show – we thought this would be a good time to advise on some common misconceptions relating to hypnotherapy. With Back in the Room – the contestants are thoroughly tested prior to being filmed on the show to see how susceptible they are to hypnotherapy. There are only a small percentage of people that can go to the deep levels required to get those results, and there is no doubt it has left an awful lot of people entertained.

It has prompted the question, however “When I am hypnotised – am I in control?” Hypnotherapy is different from what you would see on TV, and instead of feeling out of control, and not remembering what has happened or why you did certain things – it’s a natural state of mind and can actually be quite relaxing. It’s not the “trance” like state that you may think. Even the contestants on the show would not do anything that was against their moral code. When people go to see hypnotist shows they are going with one of two thoughts in their minds; to be entertained by the show or to be in that show.

Normally our clients tell us that actually they felt quite relaxed and could hear everything that was said and are a little surprised by the length of time that they have been in hypnosis. Jennifer uses 2 kinds of hypnotherapy depending on the end result that you are looking to achieve, these are; hypnoanalysis and suggestion therapy. In either of these techniques – you are in complete control of your actions. We also offer clients a free initial consultation to relieve any concerns that you may have and it also allows Jennifer to get a better idea of what you are looking to achieve and to tailor your hypnotherapy session to your needs. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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