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  • Jennifer McLeod


Yes I am a hypnotherapist in Glasgow and not a matchmaker…..but I’ve noticed that over the last few years I’ve seen friends or heard my friends telling me stories of people they know who are either always choosing the wrong men or they are with a man that they want desperately to be someone he is not.

In life we can keep repeating similar patterns and until we make a change, it is likely that you could continue to repeat these patterns. Whether you find that you are in a relationship and keep hoping the other person will change to make it better, you have decided that all men are the same or you have built up a fantastic career and your love life is not quite so fantastic.

This is where the hypnotherapy bit comes in. First of all – there is nothing wrong with you or necessarily all of the men/women that you have met that have not been what you perceived them to be. I can’t help with giving you dating advice either! However, where hypnotherapy can help is working with your subconscious and focussing on positive suggestions, appreciating yourself for who you are, using guided visualisation to see yourself where you want to be and doing all that you want to do, confidence building and letting go of where you repeat the same patterns or getting to the root of why you do. Then once you can understand this, you can let go of it and be free to leave those old behaviours in the past and move forward without the baggage.

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