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How You’re Making Smoking Cessation More Difficult for Yourself

Everyone knows the numerous health benefits of stopping smoking but when it comes down to succeeding in this battle of willpower it’s easier said than done and you might be standing in your own way. This habit is simple to form and can take a lot of dedication to break, but there are many avenues that you can explore to help to stop smoking.

One of these is hypnotherapy which could assist you in cutting out the physical habit part of smoking. This may be a type of stop smoking help that you haven’t considered in the past but it could work wonders when it comes to freeing yourself of the health risks associated with smoking.

The biggest obstacle standing in the way of a soon to be reformed smoker is the routine of smoking, not the chemical addiction. That cigarette that you go to light up each morning can be more enticing because it’s part of your daily routine. Many find that their day feels off or disrupted if they don’t have a certain cigarette and in extreme cases they may light up without even thinking about it.

This is where hypnotherapy comes in, during a session your brain is more susceptible to suggestion from your hypnotherapist. They’ll guide you into a relaxed state and then work on changing your desire for cigarettes into disgust, so that you’ll no longer be tempted by that part of your day. By making even the smell of cigarettes undesirable, you definitely won’t light up without thinking about it.

If you’re stumped about how to stop smoking then even one session of hypnotherapy could make a difference to you. One session may not always be enough if there are other underlying issues which may need addressed. One of the past smokers that had one of our hypnotherapy sessions said:

“I can't believe I was a smoker, its nothing but a distant memory now.”

When you do free yourself from this addiction the health and financial benefits will astound you. You’ll be fitter, have a bigger lung capacity and will generally enjoy activities like exercise and dining more. With cigarette prices rising all the time too, it’s important to track the impact of smoking on your finances as there are huge amounts of savings to be made by quitting.

If you’re interested in quitting smoking then get in touch with us to discover how we could help make the cessation process more achievable.

If you are looking for some other things to do instead of smoke here are 101 different things to do instead of smoking.

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