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Don’t Get Caught Red Faced!

If you ever hear yourself asking “why do I blush so easily” – then hypnotherapy could help you get rid of that red face!

Most of us blush from time to time. It is a very normal reaction to some situations we find embarrassing or slightly uncomfortable. It can also be a reaction to exertion or changes in temperature. Unfortunately though, for some people blushing can be a chronic habit. It can arise at the slightest provocation and lead to a further spiral into anxiousness. In addition to worrying about the situation which caused blushing, those commonly affected can find themselves continually worrying about blushing itself. Many suffers can find themselves constantly thinking about how to stop blushing which causes its own problems.

Hypnotherapy personally helped me with my blushing. I used to blush at the drop of a hat and in my previous role as a manager it was such a hindrance as if someone spoke to me while I was with my team immediately my face would be on fire. Out and about was disastrous as well. I remember bumping into someone I knew in a supermarket with my mum and they said hello and immediately my face was beetroot and it didn’t help afterwards having my mum point it out to me. Anytime I blushed it would last for ages as I would be so self-conscious about it and that in turn just made me redder and I would try to hide my face with my hair. I can still blush from time to time now, but it doesn’t bother me when I do.

The main way hypnotherapy seeks to tackle chronic blushing is by trying to answer the question ‘why do I blush so easily?’ By finding the root of why you blush, we can try to deal with it and this in turn will limit the amount you blush. It is after all a reaction to a situation. Hypnotherapy can help you change the response to these situations which commonly induce blushing.

Hypnotherapy can be a good way to understand why you exhibit certain behaviours. In a hypnotic state you are more adept at letting go of negative thoughts and building better behaviour patterns. One of these patterns may well be your ability to deal with situations without blushing.

There will generally be an answer as to why your subconscious believes that this physiological symptom is necessary. Finding logical reasoning to convince your subconscious that blushing is in fact not necessary can be more easily achieved when you are under hypnosis. Once your subconscious is convinced via this logical reasoning that blushing is not necessary, it will no longer find the need to trigger it. Your chronic blushing should no longer be an issue and with it will go the fear of blushing.

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