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  • Jennifer McLeod

Are your piles getting you down?

I remember a few years back, speaking to a friend who asked if hypnotherapy could help with her piles. To be honest I thought to myself, cream is likely to be a better option than hypnotherapy! Turns out her piles were not of the haemorrhoid type and instead, it was her piles of clutter and boxes around her house which had just got completely out of control. This I can work with :-)

You may have occasions when you can have a bit of a messy house. I personally feel like I have an endless supply of dishes in my sink. One day I’ll treat myself to a dishwasher. However, if you feel like it’s a bit more than dishes or your clutter is getting out of hand, this can really get you down and feel overwhelming.

According to Anxiety UK, there are many reasons that people could become hoarders, such as:

  • Not wanting to waste something that they feel may be of value at some time in the future.

  • Worried that you may lose something important; for example, keeping magazines, newspapers, thinking you’ll need at some point and never really look at again.

  • There may be an emotional attachment to the object, which is something that we all experience, but usually to a lesser degree than someone who hoards. Another form of attachment could be that it feels like losing a part of yourself

I was reading an article in the guardian recently about clutter and this actually seems to be a growing self-help industry. One book in particular that stood out was Marie Kondo’s - The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

Having a big clean out can feel like a weight has been lifted off your mind. It can be easy to put off especially when it has got to such a stage where you can’t see it getting any better. Hypnotherapy could help with getting the right mind-set and motivation to assist in the de-cluttering. It could also help with any possible underlying issues that may be holding you back from having that clear space you would like.

Here are some links below you may find useful:

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